Hardfacing Chrome Carbide Plates


Mecdiff Sdn Bhd is the manufacturing wing for Chrome Carbide Hardfacing Plate in Malaysia. Equiped with State of Art  manufacturing capability, Mecdiff is capable of producing 350 square meters of plates per month.

Various thicknesses and alloy combinations can be manufactured according to customer needs.

Borodur Zig Zag
Plate Picture

Typical types of grades are as below:


Borodur 700HV plates have a unique combination of hardness, toughness and durability that makes them suitable for handling severe abrasion, impact and corrosion.

Testing Equipments
23 Elements with Ni, Co,Fe _ B Base
Microscope with 2000x MAG with Clemex Image Analyser
Air Erosion Jet Testing
Erosion Wear Test
Mass flow
max. 1kg/min

Particle size
10 to 100 um

quarz, sand, korundum, minerals cement, dolomite, ...

Blast angle
0° (slide) to 90° (impact)

Speed gas flow
max. 250 m/s




ASTM G65 - 2 Body Abrasion Testing
Rubber-Wheel-Wear Test ASTM G65-00
Solid matter
250 - 350g/min

rounded silica sand 200 - 425pm

rubberized, shore hardness A58-62, (Steel, Aluminium or others)