Internal Hardfacing Pipes (I-Clad Pipe)


I-Clad Pipe is a specially developed solution to improve wear performance for small diameter pipes and bends.

Pipes and bends in heavy industry are exposed to severe corrosion due to abrasion and erosion during product transfer. Hardfacing layer which is cladded using an automatic process, provides a protective layer inside the pipe for better service life.


Properties of I Clad Pipe
Internal Surface Hardness : 62 HRC
Alloy Carbide Content : 28% Cr, 5% C, 2% Mn
Pressure Resistance : API Standards
Temperature Resistance : Upto 500 Degree Celsius
Diameter Range : 4" to 10"
Service Performance : 4x to ordinary schedule API pipes

External Cladding Burner Pipe
I Clad 3 Way Pipe
I Clad Fabricated Elbow
I Clad Fabricated Elbow
I Clad Fabricated Elbow
I Clad Internal View
I Clad Reducer