Reclamation / Reconditioning


Reclamation / Reconditioning are important segments of business at MECNICOM Sdn Bhd. We offer repair work for damaged industrial equipment in both on-site and off-site conditions. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and specialised work force, various pieces of equipment have been reconditioned. Such as Vertical Roller Mill Tyre, High Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR), Crusher Rotors and various other equipment.


Employees of Mecnicom are well trained by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) on the precise method of reconditioning this equipments.


Chipper Hood Repair
Clinker Crusher Rotor Reconditioning
Crusher Roll Reconditioning
Dolomite Crusher Repair
HPGR Full Reconditioning
In-Situ Reprofilling of Roller Press
Jaw Crusher Crack Onsite Repair
Kiln Tyre Rebuilding
Limestone Crusher Rotor Reconditioning
Onsite VRM Roller Rebuilding
Silica Crushing Rotor Rebuilding
Spinner Mold Tyre Reclamation
VRM Roller Hub Reconditioning
VRM Roller Reconditioning